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Why Kidzshala

Kidzshala ! As an answer…

“GIVING SUPPORT” is the motto of Kidzshala Preschool. To enhance our area of intellectual grooming, The Kidzshala Pre school is opening its arms to embrace the tender caterpillars for growing their new wings. The wings, with which they would not only learn to fly, but also to positivise the air to make this world a better place to live in…

The decision of choosing the right school is the toughest job. But your very quest for the best may come to an end when you and us become “WE”.

And this can happen only at Kidzshala. The learning will comprise of Oral as well as writing skills both. Recognition through viewing, touching, smelling, etc. and co-curricular part shall be accompanying alongwith. The teaching methodology of the school is unique in its own special way. We believe that learning is not just constraint to specific area. It can be imparted as efficiently under the open sky, as in a well equipped closed room. And thus, we help the child discover at all possible places inside the premises. The curriculum includes monthly theme based programs like Daily usage articles, conveyance,.