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Why a proper Playschool?

Properly maintained preschool education programs generate long-term effects in school success, including higher achievement test grades, lower chances of class repetition and personal classes, and higher educational achievements. A few preschool programs also are associated with reduced delinquency and crime in childhood and adulthood. Teachers of a preschool have received extensive supervision and coaching, and they should be involved in a continuous improvement process for teaching and learning. Preschool programs should regularly assess children’s learning and development to monitor how well they are accomplishing their goals. preschool education policy should be developed in the context of comprehensive public policies and programs to effectively support child development from birth to age 5 and beyond.

Full-Year Program or Preschool refers to an early-childhood educational class for 2.5 and 4 year-olds. A Child care center with experienced, well-trained teachers and stimulating activities offers kids similar advantages to a preschool. Toddlers can benefit from the chance to socialize with other children, share, contribute to circle time which they may not get to do as often or at all when a nanny or a relative cares for them at home. There’s increasing evidence that children gain a lot from going to preschool. At preschool, they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. In addition to strengthening socialization skills they learn how to compromise, be respectful of others, and solve their day to day problems as simple as tying a shoe lace. A Preschool provides a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with her peers, and build confidence.

Young children can certainly learn letters and numbers, but to sit kids down and ‘teach’ them is the wrong way to do it. They learn best through doing the kinds of activities they find interesting – story time, talking to their teachers about stars, playing with blocks etc. Without preschool, your kid may not develop the school readiness skills that other kids posses at this age. In addition to the standard expectations in reading, writing and math, there is a much greater level of expectation on day one when it comes to attention and listening skills. A Pre School is not what you remember! With a faster pace of instructions, increased demand for attention and the need for appropriate social skills, a Pre School today is more like first standard was twenty years ago. In turn, first standard is more like second standard, and so on.

What completes a Preschool curriculum?

KidzShala is an answer to all the worries of parents of the tiny tots. At Kidzshala we provide best facilities, environment and faculties so that when our children graduate from our school and enter the elementary school they should have the following 8MI’s in them, which would enhance their capabilities and would help them to be a complete and responsible citizen when they grow up.

Multiple Intelligence Theory: The Pedestal of KidzShala Curriculum

The KidzShala Program uses theory of Multiple Intelligences as a curriculum framework. The teaching methods are very specific and have a profound impact on thinking and practice in education, across the world. The teacher / instructor is expected to include work tasks and activities that involve all the individual intelligences that include logical (reasoning), musical (sensitive to rhythm and sound), interpersonal, spatial, kinesthetic, naturalist, linguistic (verbal), and intrapersonal intelligences.

This is why children learn in different ways and at different paces. Here at KidzShala, we understand this concept very well and hence our curriculum program makes use of a range of learning and teaching styles that helps children have their particular learning needs met and also encourages them to explore and exercise all of their intelligences.

  • Self Smart: Know about yourself i. e. self recognition, knowing your strengths, weaknesses accomplishments, personal care routines, healthy lifestyle and personal safety.
  • Word Smart: Concepts about print, letters, words, phonics and age appropriate language comprehension skills.
  • Logic Smart: Concept of numbers, pattern, estimation, measurement, size and basic concept mathematical operations.
  • Picture Smart: Concept of expression of one’s own ideas through role play, free hand scribbling, different techniques of art and craft and messy area.
  • Bodily Kinesthetic: Concept of controlling one’s hand and feet movement also termed as fine gross motor skills by different indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Music Smart: Concept of expression of one’s feelings through age –old concept of singing dancing (here on songs, rhymes and action songs)
  • People Smart: Concept of friendship, learning and sharing space and facilities with peers, dramatic play, conflict negotiation and impulse control.
  • Nature Smart: Concept and knowledge of living beings and environment.

Facilities That Your Kid Should Experience!

  • Indoor safety

Toys are safe and child friendly

  • Presence of teachers and staff members at all times whenever and wherever a child is present
    •     Use of child friendly furniture and play equipment
    •     Regular Periodic maintenance of appliances and furniture to avoid rare chances of accidents
    •     Availability of clean drinking water at all times
  • CCTV In Each Activity Room
  • Creativity Centre

The Creativity Center is an area dedicated to unleashing a child’s creative potential, where children learn many new things with the help of puppet show.

  •  Go Natural (Outside activities)

The special play areas under the Greenery where children can do activities from running to jumping to just playing.

  •  Classroom or Learning centers

The first place for teaching with a variety of tools for improving basic intelligence, motor skills, logical thinking, problem solving, observation power and so on. Puzzles, Blocks, Flashcards, clockworks, books, aisles, and games are invitingly arranged. Wooden Cubbyholes for each student are available.

  •  Montessori Lab

Self studied and designed Montessori Lab for students so that they get access to materials representing various forms, colors, dimensions, textures, sounds, tastes, and smells. While working with these specially prepared materials, the child gains perception and the ability to classify.

  •  Cool Library

This is the place where the kids love to see the picture and learn to read.

  • Transportation Facility

The identity of all helpers and transport personnel is verified.

Kidzshala! As an answer…

“GIVING SUPPORT” is the motto of Kidzshala Preschool. To enhance our area of intellectual grooming, The Kidzshala Pre school is opening its arms to embrace the tender caterpillars for growing their new wings. The wings, with which they would not only learn to fly, but also to positivise the air to make this world a better place to live in…

The decision of choosing the right school is the toughest job. But your very quest for the best may come to an end when you and us become “WE”.

And this can happen only at Kidzshala. The learning will comprise of Oral as well as writing skills both. Recognition through viewing, touching, smelling, etc. and co-curricular part shall be accompanying alongwith. The teaching methodology of the school is unique in its own special way. We believe that learning is not just constraint to specific area. It can be imparted as efficiently under the open sky, as in a well equipped closed room. And thus, we help the child discover at all possible places inside the premises. The curriculum includes monthly theme based programs like Daily usage articles, conveyance, edibles, etc. Celebration of different festivals is not only the part of school but also a part of child’s life as the ward should know about the rich and varied heritage of India. Activities like playing, discussion between teacher and students, days’ celebration, etc. enhance the learning capacity of the child.

To sum up, inculcating multiple intelligence in the child would not only help him groom himself but also to make the world a better place to live in.

The high-fly wishes for the child, will definitely drag you to an institute that will lead your ward to be the best person in life…

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