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Why Start a Play School

PLAYSCHOOL – The first learning place for your child. There is nothing in the world that can substitute a mother’s love, caress and coziness. But she expects a part of it for her child from the first school. This is the first time the little one is separated from his/her mother’s arms, to be introduced to the world. A place where he gets to realize that there is a lot more beyond his/her mother, family toys and home. Realizing that we make sure to create an environment where both the mommy and the baby may feel comfortable and walk in merrily with its baby steps. We teach in a playful manner making the learning process exciting and joyfully.

What Makes You Start A Preschool?

Holidays As Per Your Children’s Holidays

A respectful and growth worthy venture

No stress of unsold inventory & wastages

Concept welcomed in rural sector too

All cash business – No credit

A positive work environment

Not impacted by business cycles

Easy work timings (9am – 2pm)

Respect from the community

An upcoming market – Awareness for quality preschool concept

Low real estate cost – Prime commercial location not required

High degree of satisfaction as you are giving a foundation to so many children’s lives