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Dedicated Teachers

Teachers at Kidzshala always greet a kid with a smile. They are passionate, hardworking and nurture a student’s need in a motherly way. Having attended intensive training sessions, they are not just trained but naturally born teachers.

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Celebration of festivals in a preschool builds up a better home-school relationship as certain festivals form recognition and extension of home environment. Festivals are celebrated in preschool to understand and keep up our cultural heritage and values, at the same time to develop a desire to understand the culture of others and respect them.

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Activity Time

Instilling mental and physical activities in a kid’s life is essential for creating a base of thoughts and movements that they will carry on throughout their lives. Each student engages in activities such as drawing, art, coloring and other skill development which are important for his holistic development.

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Manners & Etiquette

We all want to watch our child grow with certain good habits. That’s why it is very important to start up early. The younger our kids are, the more curious their mind is and thus it is much easier to instill good habits in them.

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Block Play

Blocks stimulate learning in all domains i.e. intellectual, physical, socio-emotional and language. With assorted kits of blocks we help the kids enhance their color, shape, size and weight recognition; assisting them in hand-eye co-ordination, sequencing, sorting and much more.

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Story Time

Stories play an important role in introducing children to the magical world of books. Videos, Puppets, Flash Cards, and Interactive Aids are used by the teacher to narrate the stories.

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Outdoor Play

Promoting planned physical activities benefit them throughout their childhood. Beyond physical development, it also enhances his social, emotional, and mental skills. Students are taken outdoors for water, sand and parachute play and a host of other activities that develop the child’s growing pro-social skills too.

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