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Hobby Classes


Dance has always been a part of the society. May it be a reliever or a motion of enjoyment, we cherish even a little baby bopping over music and trying to copy the moves. At Kidzshala Activity Club our expert trainers give in the best of the efforts and help kids enjoy the art of dancing. May it be Bollywood, Classical or Contemporary, we do have our kids learning it at its best. The art of dance includes :-

  • Improve Flexibility
  • Balance Better
  • Increase Energy
  • Make Friends
  • Understand the Beats


“Expression can be pictured” This notion actually benefits the artists ability to draw and create a difference between a normal sketch and a meaningful portrait. We help children not just to color but also to play with colors and express their inhibitions. Coloring is filling in the patches but at Kidzshala Activity Club, coloring is lateral and creating is prime! Drawing often increases:-

  • Usage of Fine Motor Skills
  • Observation of the World around them
  • Expansion of Spatial Awareness
  • Developing Self-confidence


Music has been vitalizing us since we cannot imagine, may it be swaying of leaves in cool breeze or a soothing sound of wind chime swindling around.. Our trainers themselves have been living up musically. Either in shows as performers or spending hours teaching kids the basics of “DO RE MI” We help kids understand the tones and notes to emancipate the knowledge about music and not just brushing some tunes. Music matters for a child in:-

  • Instilling Creativity
  • Improving Listening Skills
  • Hand – Eye Co-ordination
  • Balance and Co-ordination
  • Emotional and Social Skills

Art & Craft

Art – as it states is a meaningful design that is appreciated by others and reveals the imagination of one. May it be mural painting or sospeso. Let it be best out of waste or lamasha. Our faculty for Art & Craft Classes have an expertise of more than 8 years in this field. We believe that a child really enjoys making something beautiful out of something that sometimes means questionable to them. Various items that we instill at Kidzshala are:-

  • Paper Quilling
  • Origami
  • Lamasha