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Facilities That Your Kid Should Experience!

Creativity Centre

The Creativity Center is an area dedicated to unleash a child’s creative potential, where children learn many new things with the help of puppet shows etc.

Go Natural (Outside activities)

Our open areas are sheltered with greenery where we conduct our outdoor activities and children can play, run, jump and chitchat uninhibitedly.

Cool Library

We inculcate and encourage reading habit in children so that their skills are enhanced. Our library is stuffed with colorful picture books as children can easily relate with pictures and understand the concepts well.

Transportation Facility

The security of your precious gems is our utmost priority. The identity of all helpers and transport personnel is verified and strict instructions are given to them regarding speed matters. Rest assured your children are in safe hand We ensure the most convenient pick and drop exper.

Classroom or Learning centers

The first place for teaching with a variety of tools for improving basic intelligence, motor skills, logical thinking, problem solving, observation power and so on. Puzzles, Blocks, Flashcards, clockworks, books, aisles, and games are invitingly arranged. Wooden Cubbyholes for each student are available.

Montessori Lab

Self studied and designed Montessori Lab for students so that they get access to materials representing various forms, colors, dimensions, textures, sounds, tastes, and smells. While working with these specially prepared materials, the child gains perception and the ability to classify.