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What completes a Preschool curriculum?

KidzShala is an answer to all the worries of parents of the tiny tots. At Kidzshala we provide best facilities, environment and faculties so that when our children graduate from our school and enter the elementary school they should have the following 8MI’s in them, which would enhance their capabilities and would help them to be a complete and responsible citizen when they grow up.

Multiple Intelligence Theory: The Pedestal of KidzShala Curriculum

The KidzShala Program uses theory of Multiple Intelligences as a curriculum framework. The teaching methods are very specific and have a profound impact on thinking and practice in education, across the world. The teacher / instructor is expected to include work tasks and activities that involve all the individual intelligences that include logical (reasoning), musical (sensitive to rhythm and sound), interpersonal, spatial, kinesthetic, naturalist, linguistic (verbal), and intrapersonal intelligences.

Choose Classes For Your Child

This is why children learn in different ways and at different paces. Here at KidzShala, we understand this concept very well and hence our curriculum program makes use of a range of learning and teaching styles that helps children have their particular learning needs met and also encourages them to explore and exercise all of their intelligences.

Picture Smart

Concept of expression of one’s feelings through age –old concept of singing dancing (here on songs, rhymes and action songs

Word Smart

Concepts about print, letters, words, phonics and age appropriate language comprehension skills.

Logic Smart

Concept of numbers, pattern, estimation, measurement, size and basic concept mathematical operations.

Picture Smart

Concept of expression of one’s own ideas through role play, free hand scribbling, different techniques of art and craft and messy area

Bodily Kinesthetic

Concept of controlling one’s hand and feet movement also termed as fine gross motor skills by different indoor and outdoor activities.

People Smart

Concept of friendship, learning and sharing space and facilities with peers, dramatic play, conflict negotiation and impulse control.

Nature Smart

Makes children realize the importance of nature. How to adapt and adjust with the environment and care for other living beings.

Self Smart

Know about yourself i. e. self recognition, knowing your strengths, weaknesses accomplishments, personal care routines, healthy lifestyle and personal safety.