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From the moment he is born through adolescence, a child changes day by day.the little one advances through an unchangeable passage of touchstones that contain all areas of evolution. They differ according to age and start gaining pristine motion aptness,grasp  some logical reasoning capabilities gain abilities that affect their emotional conflicts and also not to forget the communal presence.


In the initial year of a kid’s life, he transforms from a credulous newborn having little motor dominance to a toddler. It is this juncture of child his evolution includes swift physical growth which braces his recent abilities. Vital milestones involves tossing around at barely four to six months, positioning himself solo while sitting by the sixth month and creeping or even walking by 12 months. Reaching the climax of the infant level, children also have a fine motor, or aid skills to maneuver a pincer grip, picking up and putting down small things while also winning new writing habits with a pen or other writing item. We can see that as a child reaches age that is within four to six months, he will begin to prattle and laugh with sentiments. Until he is a year old, he may also acquire an ability to speak out a few words that require no or little practice i.e. “mama” or “dada”


During One to Three years of his life, a baby makes major advancements towards individual performances. During this state, a child is up walking and running. At almost 2 years, most kids can walk up or climb down a stair, hit a ball with a kick and also pick amd carry things while walking. He cam also spoil walls by scribbling, balance the towers consisting blocks and eat own food. Communicating and speaking capabilities greatly swell at this level. An average Two year kid roughly understands 600 to 800 words and speak a good number of over 450 words.While being social and emotional, they are quite nubile, have a very unpretentious attitude while communicating with people around and almost zero control over reasoning abilities. Let’s say, it is common at time for a child to hit or scream while asking his stuff back from another child.


If a child has not attended a Preschool, the age that brings him between Three to Five years is known as preschool level. While reaching the age of Four, mostly would start moving, balancing on one leg, kicking a ball, hopping and even throwing a ball up in air. Until the age of Five, a child easily starts flipping over, climb up a slide and skips. Also his advancing cognitive and fine motor skills makes him able to draw human shapes, write a few alphabets and also notice and draw geometrical shapes. Emotionally, he is gaining better regulatory capabilities for self and gains power to verbally explain what he is thinking or feeling that was initially done with just a few gestures or aggression. Talking about his social skills, at this stage a child is actually moving into a fresh world where he is calculating his interests and choosing friends who share the same interests as them. They acquire abilities to wait for their turns, share and showing empathy.

Elementary School Child

Since the age of Six till the primordial stage of adolescence, a child is known as Elementary School Child. Here, as it sounds, a child starts his elementary classes. It is during this time of life, a child would depend more on parents for their needs, may it be emotional or social. As he travels towards adolescence, his peers become an important ingredient in his journey of life. At this stage his physical abilities provide him access towards gross motor skills that allow him to maneuver new movements such as dancing or sporting techniques. Also his fine motor skills improve that give him capability to draw realistic sketches or writing alphabets. Elementary school kids also start taking tasks in academics and grasp the basics of education that would assist them and be used for the rest of their lives, such as writing, language, science and math.


These yeas of teenage bring a big change in the developmental stage of a child. Here a child starts to see and do more like a grown up rather than a small kid. At this stage, better known as adolescence, a child goes through a circle of changes better known as puberty. This includes inception of body hair and heavy voice in boys or body developments and menstruation in girls. A teen generally seeks abilities to gain independence and starts focusing more on romancing relations and friends rather than relations with their own families. Here a kid starts looking towards his own future and starts investigating his potentials through after school jobs such as tuition or internships.

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